Mack’s Audibles® Personal Sound Amplifier is a wearable electronic product designed to amplify sound for those who may need an occasional volume “boost” to hear speech more clearly. Mack’s Audibles® Personal Sound Amplifier can help enhance your life by amplifying the sounds you want to hear.

Mack’s Audibles®:

  • Are comfortable to wear
  • Are easy to Use
  • Offer clear, clean sound enhancement
  • Are affordable

Why Mack’s Audibles®?

  • Clean, simple, fashionable design
  • Raised, easy-to-locate, easy-to-use, soft touch controls
  • Two sound enhancement modes for optimal sound in any environment
  • Includes multiple ear tip sizes, for a comfortable, secure fit in any ear
  • Unique battery door allows for quick/easy battery replacement
  • Swivel ear piece/amplifier makes for convenient use in either ear
  • Digital and analog technology supply clear, crisp audio and sound enhancement
  • With the incorporated On-Off button design, there’s no need to remove batteries when not in use. Requires one size 13 battery (not included).
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