What are Mack’s Audibles®?
Mack’s Audibles® Personal Sound Amplifier is a wearable electronic product designed to amplify sound for those who may need an occasional volume “boost” to hear speech more clearly. Mack’s Audibles® Personal Sound Amplifier can help enhance your life by amplifying the sounds you want to hear.

Who is a good candidate for the Mack’s Audibles® Personal Sound Amplifier?
Almost everyone can benefit from using Mack’s Audibles® since there are a wide variety of situations where amplifying or enhancing sound can be of benefit.

Is the Mack’s Audibles® product a hearing aid?
No. The Mack’s Audibles® Personal Sound Amplifier is not a hearing aid and is not intended to compensate for hearing impairment. If you believe you are hearing impaired, you should see a professional who can assess what will be best for your hearing needs.

What is a PSAP?
A PSAP is a Personal Sound Amplification Product which is defined by the FDA as a wearable electronic product intended to amplify environmental sound in certain environments for non-hearing impaired consumers.

How does the Mack’s Audibles® PSAP work?
The Mack’s Audibles® PSAP amplifies sounds which are picked up by a microphone in the device and enhanced through a receiver amplifier.

Do I need a Mack’s Audibles® PSAP for both ears?
While most users will find that one device is sufficient to enhance sounds, some users may decide to use the Mack’s Audibles® for both ears.

Which battery does the Mack’s Audibles® PSAP require?
Mack’s Audibles® require one size 13 battery, which can be purchased at most drug stores and pharmacies.

How long will the battery last?
Average battery life under normal use is 120-135 hours.

How will I know if the battery is getting low?
The device will make a beep sound in your ear four times within 5 minutes if the battery is running low.  This indicates that it is time to replace the battery with a new one.

How do I select the correct size ear tip for my ear?
Three different ear tips are included with your Mack’s Audibles®. Through trial and error, determine the ear tip that fits your ear canal best to ensure that you have a good seal between the ear tip and your ear canal.

How do I eliminate feedback/squealing noise?
Feedback may occur if the ear tip is not properly inserted into your ear canal. Make sure that you have inserted the ear tip comfortably and securely into your ear so that a proper seal is achieved. Another way to help reduce feedback is to ensure the volume is turned all the way down and then slowly increase the volume until the sound enhancement is right for you.

When should I use Mode 1? When should I use Mode 2?
While the amount of sound amplification desired will vary from person to person, the majority of users will find Mode 1 (for use in normal environments) sufficient for average use. Occasionally, when in louder environments, the user may want to try Mode 2 (for use in noisy environments) to help manage sound and reduce background noise.

How should I store the Mack’s Audibles® PSAP when not in use?
Store Mack’s Audibles® in the provided storage case in a clean, dry and cool environment. Do not leave your personal sound amplifier in the direct sun or in areas where the temperatures can rise over 140 F / 60 C for extended periods of time.

How do I clean the Mack’s Audibles® product?
Keep your Personal Sound Amplifier clean and dry. Use a soft cloth to clean and remove any body oil or moisture from the shell of the Personal Sound Amplifier. DO NOT use water or other fluids to clean the Personal Sound Amplifier. DO NOT clean with any harsh or abrasive chemicals/cleaners.
Always handle the Personal Sound Amplifier with care to prevent it from falling onto hard surfaces. If the Personal Sound Amplifier is often in a moist environment or subject to a lot of perspiration, it may be appropriate to place it into a drying box (available online and at most pharmacies) at least once per week.
NOTE: If earwax or debris accumulate on or in the ear tip, remove the ear tip from the device and clean with a soft-bristled brush and/or mild soap and water. (This ONLY applies to the removable ear tip).

What happens if I am in a loud environment? (E.g. a concert, a game at a stadium)
Mack’s Audibles® is not a hearing protection device. As with all loud environments, you should use hearing protection like Mack’s® #1 doctor recommended earplugs to protect your hearing.

If I lose or misplace my ear tips, can I purchase replacements?
Please contact us at [email protected] for information on how to order replacement ear tips.

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