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  1. Choose a suitable ear tip and attach to amplifier tube

Having a good seal between the ear tip and your ear canal is critical for optimal performance. Try each provided ear tip to determine the best fit for your ear. Make sure the ear tip is properly seated onto the amplifier tube.


  1. To insert or replace battery

Mack’s Audibles® require one size 13 battery. If the battery is inserted incorrectly, the battery door will not close. Do not force the battery door to close.

  1. Pull down on battery door and swing door open.
  2. Insert the new battery with the plus sign (+) facing out.
  3. Close the battery door.

CAUTION: Batteries are dangerous if swallowed! Keep batteries out of the reach of children. Seek immediate medical help if a battery is swallowed.


  1. Position your Personal Sound Amplifier in & over your ear

NOTE: Before placing the ear tip into your ear canal, ensure the battery is inserted properly and the battery door is securely closed.

Step 1: Holding the amplifier, insert ear tip into your ear canal and gently press into place with your fingertip to ensure a snug fit.
Step 2: While holding the ear tip in place, carefully place the Personal Sound Amplifier over top and behind the ear.

NOTE:  Rotating the earpiece past 180 degrees may cause damage to the unit.

NOTE: If the ear tip is not inserted far enough into the ear canal, this may cause a squealing noise known as feedback.



  1. On/Off

Press and hold Power/Mode Switch for 3 seconds to turn ON and OFF.


  1. Volume Control

NOTE: It is recommended to start the volume at the lowest setting before use. Adjust the volume gradually, according to your own sound enhancing preferences, but not so loud as to cause feedback.

NOTE: You will hear 3 beeps once you have reached the minimum and/or maximum volume settings.


  1. Power/Mode Switch

Your Personal Sound Amplifier has 2 listening modes:
Mode 2: FOR USE IN NOISY ENVIRONMENTS (reduces background noise)
When the Personal Sound Amplifier is turned on, it will automatically start in mode 1. Each time you press the Power/Mode Switch, Mack’s® Audibles™ will switch to the next mode. The sequence is mode 1, mode 2, mode 1.
When you select mode 1, you will hear one beep, mode 2 will emit two beeps.


  1. Low Battery Warning

When you hear 4 consecutive beeps every 5 minutes, battery power is low and it is time to replace the battery.
NOTE: Average battery life under normal use is 120-135 hours.


  1. Adjusting to your Personal Sound Amplifier

It may take some time to get used to the amplification provided by this device. In addition to voices and music being amplified, for example, everyday sounds such as shuffling papers and movement of objects across hard surfaces will also be enhanced, and may therefore be distracting. You will soon adjust to these background noises, and they will eventually fade as you focus on the clarity of the sounds you truly want to enjoy.





Keep your Personal Sound Amplifier clean and dry. Use a soft cloth to clean and remove any body oil or moisture from the shell of the Personal Sound Amplifier. DO NOT use water or other fluids to clean the Personal Sound Amplifier. DO NOT clean with any harsh or abrasive chemicals/cleaners.

Always handle the Personal Sound Amplifier with care to prevent it from falling onto hard surfaces. If the Personal Sound Amplifier is often in a moist environment or subject to a lot of perspiration, it may be appropriate to place it into a drying box (available online and at most pharmacies) at least once per week.

NOTE:  If earwax or debris accumulate on or in the ear tip, remove the ear tip from the device and clean with a soft-bristled brush and/or mild soap and water. (This ONLY applies to the removable ear tip).


Storage/Usage Temperature

Do not leave your Personal Sound Amplifier in direct sunlight or in areas where temperatures can rise over 140° F (60° C) for extended periods of time. Temperature should not exceed limits of -4°/140° F (-20°/60° C) at a relative air humidity of 85% for extended periods during transport or storage.





Consult with an audiologist or physician if you have excessive earwax or experience discomfort wearing Mack’s Audibles®.

If an ear tip should become lodged in your ear canal and you are not able to remove it, consult an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor for assistance.

Do not use Mack’s Audibles® while swimming, showering or participating in other water activities, or in loud environments.

Keep batteries out of reach of children. Do not put batteries in your mouth or ingest batteries. Do not store in, or expose batteries to excessive heat such as fire, excessive sunshine, or similar high-heat environments.


Mack’s Audibles® are covered by a 1-year repair or replacement warranty against defects and workmanship. The warranty period begins on the date of original purchase. The warranty does not cover malfunctions that are related to misuse of the device.

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